TruScreening Program Continues in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe

TruScreen is delighted to share that the Zimbabwe government’s TruScreening program resumed in June 2023, with strong screening numbers seen over the first two months.

The program in Masvingo Province is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Health and Child Care, National AIDS Council, and local health partners. The program provides screening services to women in remote and clinically under-served communities, where access to healthcare can be limited. The screening program, which began in 2022, has screened over 15,000 women in Masvingo Province (as at 31 July 2023).

Cervical cancer is a significant health issue in Zimbabwe. However, many women lack access to adequate screening and treatment services, which puts them at a greater risk of developing advanced-stage cancer that can lead to death. TruScreen’s innovative technology addresses this gap by providing accessible screening services to women in the region.