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TruScreen Group Limited is committed to ensuring that it has best practice governance principles in place and maintains the highest ethical standards.  It has developed a range of governance documents and protocols that will enhance the rigor with which the Board guides the company as it continues to grow and develop.

Current Corporate Governance Documents

Constitution of TruScreen Limited

Code of Ethics

TruScreen Group Limited is committed to maintaining a high standard of ethical business practices at all times.

Code of Conduct

The Company is committed to promoting good corporate conduct grounded by strong ethics and responsibility.

Board Charter

This Charter sets out the role, responsibilities, structure and processes of the Board of Directors of TruScreen Group Limited.

Audit and Risk Management Committee Charter

The Audit and Risk Management Committee is a sub-committee of the Board of Directors (Board) of TruScreen Group Limited.

Remuneration, Nomination and H&S Charter

The Board of Directors of TruScreen Group Limited has established the Remuneration and Nomination Committee. The Committee is authorised to do all things and investigate all matters that fall within the terms of reference set out in this Charter.

Market Disclosure Policy

TruScreen Group Limited has shares quoted on the NZX and is committed to keeping the market and its shareholders informed of all information relating to the company as required by the NZX Listing Rules, NZX Guidance Notes and the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. The Company is also listed as a Foreign Exempt Listing on the ASX.

Workplace Health and Safety Policy

TruScreen Group Limited and its Related Entities recognise the importance of providing and ensuring a safe, healthy and positive work environment.

Trading Policy

This policy outlines when Key Management Personnel and other Employees may deal in Company Securities, and the procedures to reduce the risk of insider trading and the appearance of insider trading.

Technology Governance and Cyber Risk Policy

TruScreen’s Information technology governance falls under three categories which are: Being aware of information and digital technology changes, ensuring the Company has current hardware and software that enables the efficient and accurate running of the business, and being aware of, and mitigating against, Cyber security and other digital technology risks

Workplace Diversity Policy

TruScreen Group Limited's Workplace Diversity Policy provides positive initiatives to improve employment procedures and conditions for all employees and commits to being an employer of choice.

The TruScreen Group manufactures and owns all rights to the TruScreen Cervical Cancer Screening Device.  The system comprises a medical device and process designed to detect the presence in real time of pre-cancerous and cancerous tissue on the cervix.

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