China Trip

During their recent visit to Beijing, Dr Edling and Dr Tan met with our Chinese Distributor, Siweixiangtai Tech Co. Ltd (SWXT).

The objective of the visit was to explore collaborative strategies to enhance sales performance and foster business growth. Through this visit, both parties sought to identify ways of working together effectively to achieve mutual success and better serve the healthcare needs of the Chinese markets. 

Drs Edling and Tan visited a major referral hospital in Beijing, with over 1,000 beds. The Head of the Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Prof Feng, has shown strong support for the TruScreen technology and sees the AI technology as an important path forward in achieving eradication of cervical cancer in China in line with the World Health Organisation’s strategy objectives. The Chinese Government actively promotes healthcare technology advancements, and TruScreen’s devices for China are Made in China. 

TruScreen executives also had the opportunity to meet with Professor Meng, the vice-head of CSCCP and an early adopter and supporter of TruScreen’s technology. They discussed the future evolution of cervical cancer screening technologies in the coming decade.

Drs Edling and Tan left China with a better appreciation of the progress achieved by SWXT, and the very significant potential of the Chinese market for years to come.