Tackling cervical cancer through tech innovation and global expansion

MarketLit Interview - Juliet Hull, CEO

TruScreen Group Limited’s (NZX/ASX: TRU) CEO Juliet Hull sits down with MarketLit’s host Lelde Smits to discuss the TruScreen technology, eliminating cervical cancer and TruScreen’s 2022 outlook.



Question 1: TruScreen’s technology TruScreen is a healthcare technology used to detect pre-cancerous change by optical and electrical measurements of cervical tissue. In layman’s terms, how does the TruScreen technology do this?

Question 2: TruScreen’s advantages Some screening techniques like PAP tests have been around for some time, while others have more recently surfaced. What advantages does the TruScreen technology have over these alternate cervical screening methods?

Question 3: TruScreen’s advancements In October 2021 TruScreen announced further enhancements to its device’s firmware. What did these enhancements entail?

Question 4: Eliminating cervical cancer In late 2020 World Health Organisation unveiled a target to eliminate cervical cancer by 2050. How is TruScreen leveraging off this aspirational target by WHO?

Question 5: China expansion China is TruScreen’s major market. How has the Company managed to gain a foothold in China and what plans are being actioned to keep this growth momentum going?

Question 6: Global growth The TruScreen device is also sold into a host of other overseas countries as well. How many countries now purchase the TruScreen technology and what are the growth prospects for offshore-derived sales over the year ahead?

Question 7: 2022 Outlook Like most companies, the COVID-19 pandemic adversely impacted TruScreen’s business operations in its 2021 financial year. What is your outlook for the year ahead?