Wave of Health – the all-Russian Promotion

In September 2021, TruScreen’s Russian distributor, Intelmed Systems, participated in the 15th annual “Wave of Health” initiative. The annual “Wave of Health” campaign sees a ship with teams of doctors and high-tech equipment, including TruScreen, travel around the waterways visiting 9 different cities throughout the Russian Federation.

TruScreen master classes were held in each of the cities, with local specialists participating in TruScreen Device demonstrations and examinations. The master classes were run by Key Opinion Leader Prof. Apolikhina, from the Russian Federal State Budgetary Institution, National Medical Research Centre of Obstetrics, Gynaecology, and Perinatology, and screened women throughout the regions as part of their consultation with the gynaecologist. The TruScreen technology was well received by gynaecologists throughout the regions.

The portability of TruScreen’s cervical cancer screening device makes it well suited for nationwide campaigns like the Wave of Health. TruScreen is not reliant on pre-established infrastructure, such as cytology laboratories, meaning the device can be brought into any clinic or hospital to screen women.

The aim of the annual campaign is to introduce innovative technologies, while providing targeted health care, throughout the regions.