TruScreen Shines at CSCCP Annual Congress – Empowering Cervical Cancer Prevention in China

TruScreen has once again made waves in the fight against cervical cancer.  TruScreen was included in the prestigious CSCCP’s China Cervical Cancer Screening Management Guideline, as announced in mid-May, during the recent CSCCP congress.

TruScreen’s distributor SWXT organised a satellite meeting, chaired by Professor Wei Lihui, the esteemed Chairwoman of CSCCP. The meeting provided a platform for more than 100 attendees from across the country to learn about TruScreen. Professor Di Wen, the newly appointed Chairman of the Chinese Obstetrics and Gynaecology Association (COGA), delivered a compelling presentation on TruScreen’s innovative technology during the satellite meeting.

The inclusion of TruScreen technology in the CSCCP guideline is expected to open new opportunities in China, reinforcing TruScreen’s position as a cutting-edge cervical cancer screening method. With the continuous support and dedication of SWXT and its partners, TruScreen is set to make a significant impact in improving early detection and prevention of cervical cancer.