Screening results in Hunan, China exceed expectations

Published: 02 September 2019

• Screening results from 2,065 women across 7 hospitals in Hunan, China exceed expectations
• TruScreen’s cervical cancer screening device demonstrates improved sensitivity and specificity targeting pre-cancerous and cancerous cervical cells
• Conducted by a peak gynaecology body in China, this evidence is a key plank in TruScreen’s commercial platform

Real-time cervical cancer screening technology company TruScreen (NZX:TRU) is pleased to announce that the clinical results of 2,065 women screened for cervical cancer across seven hospitals in Hunan have exceeded expectations.

The China Obstetrics and Gynaecology Association (COGA) is conducting a project that will screen over 20,000 women in 100 top-tier public hospitals across 10 provinces in China. Hunan is the first province in China to complete their participation in the project. The COGA evaluation compares the TruScreen technology to Liquid Based Cytology (LBC), and HPV DNA testing (HPV) and will screen over 20,000 women in 100 top-tier public hospitals across10 provinces in China.

COGA Hunan Province interim results showed TruScreen has a Sensitivity of 89.29% (LBC 67.87%, HPV 92.86%) and a Specificity of 87.17% (LBC 90.07%, HPV 84.26%).

Sensitivity and specificity are measures of a test’s ability to correctly diagnose disease. A high sensitivity results in fewer false negatives, and a high specificity results in fewer false positives in the screening process.

Publication will occur when the full 20,000 patients have been screened. Interim results from this Hunan clinical evaluation confirm the strong potential for the TruScreen device to improve women’s health in China. The Chairperson of COGA Hunan, Professor Xue Ming, presented the results at the Hunan Provincial COGA Annual Congress on Saturday, 24 August 2019 in China.

Results Commentary

TruScreen Chief Executive Martin Dillon said: “We are delighted to be able to report such strong results from the first completed province for the COGA evaluation. Many hospitals and key opinion leaders have been waiting for such in-country evidence to finalise their purchasing and recommendation of our Truscreen devices.”

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