Cervical cancer can and should be prevented.

TruScreen provides an accurate, real-time screening solution. Our primary screening solution is ideal for communities that cannot access conventional, laboratory dependant, screening methods. It is affordable and easy to learn.

Our purpose is to ensure that all women of screening age, no matter who or where they are, have access to quality screening.


What is TruScreen?

The TruScreen device has been validated with large clinical studies including over 40,000 women in multiple settings.*

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The smart investment

10 years

Established in 2013, TruScreen has been working towards its vision of A World Without Cervical Cancer.

Our People

1 billion +

Our market potential is huge with over a billion women eligible for screening in our key markets.

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WHO estimates that in 2020, there was 600,000+ new cases of cervical cancer worldwide.

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The TruScreen device has been clinically validated on over 40,000 women in multiple settings.*


TruScreen Medical Advisory Committee Chairman

Associate Professor Michael J. Campion, TruScreen Medical Advisory Committee Chairman, sits down to discuss the science behind TruScreen’s Device, its clinical validation, and its application in real-world settings.

“My main clinical interest has been in the prevention of cervical cancer…it’s an amazing reality that perhaps the best of the biophysical screening tools, certainly for cervical cancer, has been developed entirely in Australia.”

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Cervical cancer is detectable and, if caught early, curable.

In low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) cervical cancer is the second most common form of cancer among women.  About 90% of deaths from cervical cancer occur in LMICs. 

The TruScreen device offers an alternative approach to cervical screening, resolving many of the ongoing issues with conventional screening methods, including accessibility and the need for supporting laboratory infrastructure. 

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TruScreen has been awarded the Rising Star of Womens Health


News & Stories Highlights

News, 7.3.2023

Pitt Street Research Report

Market research company, Pitt Street, released its updated report on TruScreen. 


News, 9.2.2023

Zimbabwe second pilot project phase completed

The Zimbabwe National AIDS Council (NAC) wrapped up its current TruScreen pilot program in January. 10,000+ women were screened during the 6-month pilot. For many of these women this is


News, 27.1.2023

TruScreen outreach campaign in Mexico

At the end of 2022, TruScreen’s Mexican distributor in conjunction with a local foundation brought TruScreen screening to vulnerable young women.


News, 18.1.2023

TruScreen visits Vietnam

TruScreen’s Commercial GM travelled to Vietnam in late 2022 as boarders reopen and pandemic pressures begin to ease.


News, 15.12.2021

TruScreen continues to make progress in key markets worldwide

NZX/ASX Announcement 15 December 2021 TruScreen Group Limited (NZX/ASX: TRU) (‘TruScreen’ or ‘the Company’) is pleased to provide a market update, outlining the Company’s progress in several of its key


News, 22.10.2019

World Health Organisation sets global agenda to eliminate cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable and treatable forms of cancer, yet over a quarter of a million women die from the disease each year. Ninety percent of


News, 10.12.2020

Zimbabwe’s dual public health crisis: cervical cancer and HIV

Zimbabwe may be known for its pristine wilderness, but it is also a country facing a major public health crisis in the form of high HIV and cervical cancer rates.


News, 16.7.2018

TruScreen’s New Production Facility Fully Operational & Delivers Significant Improvement In Device Profitability

Cervical cancer technology company, TruScreen Limited (NZAX:TRU), announces that its newly commissioned facility to manufacture the diagnostic Opto-electric front-end component of its device in Australia, is now fully operational.


News, 5.8.2019

TruScreen Training for Vietnam Ministry of Health Pilot Study Completed

Dr. Carolina Velasquez traveled to Vietnam to conduct clinical training and launch the TruScreen Pilot Study, being conducted out of Hanoi Gynaecology and Obstetrics Hospital. The Pilot Study, being overseen


News, 27.4.2020

TruScreen Market Acceptance – Russia

Our Russian distributor IntelMed Systems takes us into local hospitals where TruScreen pilot programmes are underway.


News, 9.1.2020

Social stigma restrains cervical cancer screening in China

Despite its rapidly growing economy, China remains a low- and middle-income nation. An example of this is its healthcare system. Although China has made impressive strides in improving healthcare access


News, 1.9.2021

TruScreen August ’21 Newsletter

Truscreen Group Limited (NZX/ASX: TRU) is pleased to provide a copy of its August 2021 Stakeholders Newsletter. This gives an update on TruScreen's performance and highlights key initiatives underway. Highlights


News, 12.6.2019

Cervical Cancer Technology Landscape – Unitaid & WHO Publication

As announced last month, TruScreen's cervical cancer screening device was recognised in a joint publication that Unitaid has released with the World Health Organisation and the Clinton Health Access Initiative.


News, 2.7.2021

First Sales Made in Eastern Europe

TruScreen Group Limited is pleased to advise that it has received its first order from Serbia, Eastern Europe.


News, 3.10.2019

Cervical Cancer Remains a Global Health Issue

Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women, with more than half a million women diagnosed with the disease in 2018. In low- and middle-income countries (LMIC’s) cervical


News, 26.10.2021

Wave of Health – the all-Russian Promotion

In September 2021, TruScreen’s Russian distributor, Intelmed Systems, participated in the 15th annual “Wave of Health” initiative. The annual “Wave of Health” campaign sees a ship with teams of doctors


News, 7.11.2019

Five Facts You May Not Know About Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer affects millions of women worldwide. It is a silent killer, it has a high prevalence outside of developed countries, and almost all cases of cervical cancer can be


News, 27.11.2019

How TruScreen’s real-time cervical cancer screening works

TruScreen’s breakthrough cervical cancer screening device is a viable and attractive alternative to traditional cervical screening methods. The TruScreen device resolves many of the ongoing issues associated with Pap tests,


News, 15.5.2020

Video: TruScreen Clinical Validation and Application – Assoc. Prof. Michael J. Campion

Associate Professor Michael J. Campion, TruScreen Medical Advisory Committee member, sits down to discuss the science behind TruScreen’s Cervical Cancer Screening Device, its clinical validation, and its application in real-world


News, 6.9.2021

Zimbabwe Pilot Program Underway

The National Aids Council pilot will compare TruScreen to VIAC. VIAC is currently the common screening method for cervical cancer in the region. The NAC pilot hopes to have TruScreen


News, 20.10.2021

Clinical Trial Results Highlight Efficacy of TRU Technology

A new study, published in the European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Reproductive Biology[1], concludes that TruScreen’s cervical cancer screening technology meets or exceeds the effectiveness of alternative cervical


News, 20.10.2021

TruScreen device – milestones achieved on growth strategy

TruScreen Group Limited is pleased to announce the achievement of key milestones relating to the ongoing development of the Company’s women’s health care technology and its overseas growth strategy.


News, 9.2.2023

ASX Article

ASX Article  |  Wed 08 February 2023  |  Tony Featherstone Move turns spotlight on medtech’s cervical-cancer screening device.