Features and Benefits

TruScreen offers an alternative approach to cervical screening, resolving many of the ongoing issues with Pap tests including failed samples, poor patient follow up, patient discomfort and the need for supporting laboratory infrastructure.

TruScreen cervical screening

As well as being highly accurate, the TruScreen system provides an instant report, thus preventing the risk of losing contact with the patient because of the delay associated with transportation of samples to laboratories for analysis and reporting.

TruScreen is an objective, self-checking digital system that can be used with minimal training of medical or paramedical staff, and without the infrastructure and resource costs associated with cytology-based screening.

TruScreen is also more acceptable to women than a Pap test because no cervical tissue needs to be taken during the test, meaning no or minimal discomfort, and real time results are provided.

Feature Benefit Clinical Advantage
Real-time results Immediate feedback to patient and operator. Patient can be treated if necessary at time of visit. Patient not lost to follow-up with delayed reporting.
Objective result Accurate result every time. Reproducible, consistent results to confirm accuracy.
No lab facility needed Greater access to women in remote communities. Easy to use. No qualified cytologists needed. Suitable for remote areas and developing countries. Cost savings in resources / overheads.
High sensitivity Assured level of performance. High standard of cervical screening. Improved ability to detect disease and save lives. Economic savings to global healthcare systems.
Automated device and error-checking during examination Consistent and accurate results. No chance of an unsatisfactory result.
Tissue samples NOT collected No pain or discomfort to the patient. Patient more likely to return for repeat screen.