TruScreen cervical cancer screening device is EC Certified for use throughout Europe and CFDA approved for sale in China.

It is currently available in multiple markets around the world. A list of distributors can be found here.

TruScreen cervical screening

After in-depth market study and evaluation, we have determined that the optimal commercialisation strategy is to first penetrate low-and-middle-income countries (LMIs) where no large scale cervical cancer screening programs and infrastructure are in place. In parallel to this commercialisation, we are obtaining the academic endorsement of key opinion leaders to assist in both current and future global marketing efforts.

There are two main market segments for each country – a) population based screening and b) general clinical use in hospitals and clinics. The screening programs are mainly funded through Government procurement programmes equating to large screening populations but in many countries, there are also significant NGO and Corporate funded screening programs.

The government screening programmes are the key to success for TruScreen in the developing markets. We nominate distributors based on their ability to demonstrate a solid relationship with Key Opinion Leaders and strong Government contacts.

Concurrent to our efforts to maximise the sales of TruScreen in our primary target markets we are also engaged in the process of selecting the second phase of target markets and identifying suitable distributors to work with us in those markets. This process has been initiated in India, Central and South America, the Middle East and Africa with a particular focus on India.

The global market potential for TruScreen is significant. At saturation, hundreds of millions of women could benefit from this accurate and inexpensive cervical cancer screening method.

However, the single most important potential benefit from the global commercialisation of TruScreen is the saving of human life.