Unlisted Options Issue

Published: 25 September 2019

NZX Announcement

Truscreen Limited advises that it has issued new unlisted share options as follows:

Class of security: Unlisted Options (TRUOA) 9,000,000

Price: The options are exercisable at a price of 15 cents per share before 27 August 2022

Payment: Nil

Percentage of total class of unlisted options TRUOA: 45.7% (of the total number of unlisted options post issue)

Reason for the issue: Directors and employees remuneration incentives

Authority for issue: Approved by shareholders at Annual Meeting held on 27 August 2019, Resolution 9

Number of securities after issue: Ordinary shares 227,534,804
Unlisted options 19,677,363

Option terms: Exercisable at 15 cents per share with
expiry date of 27 August 2022

Date of issue: 24 September 2019

Guy Robertson
Chief Financial Officer

Unlisted Options – Sec Issue.pdf