TruScreen’s Professor Ronald Jones Releases NZ Bestseller

Published: 10 March 2017

  • Professor Ronald Jones CNZM

  • Doctors in Denial – book by Professor Ronald Jones CNZM

Member of TruScreen’s Medical Advisory Committee, Professor Ronald William Jones CNZM, has released a NZ bestselling book “Doctors in Denial” about the exposure of a dark history in cervical cancer study during the 1960s-1970s in the National Women’s Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand.

The ‘unfortunate experiment’ was exposed in 1984 when Professor Jones and his senior colleagues published a scientific paper that exposed the truth, and the disastrous outcome of Professor Herbert Green’s experiment. In a public enquiry in 1987 Judge Silvia Cartwright observed that an unethical experiment had been carried out in large numbers of women for over 20 years.

Since that time, there have been attempts to cast Green’s work in a more generous light. This rewriting of history has spurred Professor Jones to set the record straight by telling his personal story: a story of the unnecessary suffering of countless women, a story of professional arrogance and misplaced loyalties, and a story of doctors in denial of the truth.

TruScreen are proud to be working in partnership with Professor Jones in the development of the TruScreen technology.

‘Doctors in Denial: The forgotten women in the ‘unfortunate experiment” by Professor Jones is published by Otago University Press (