Truscreen Capital Change Notice

Published: 29 May 2020

Truscreen Limited’s NZX Announcement dated 22 May 2020 advised that the public pool offer of 10,000,000 shares of $0.05 had closed.

Truscreen Limited advises that it has now issued new shares as follows:

Class of security: Ordinary Shares (TRU) 10,000,000

Price: The shares were issued for NZD 5 cents per share

Payment: Cash on subscription

Percentage of total class of securities issued: 3.3% (of the total number of ordinary shares post issue)

Reason for the issue: Expand commercial growth and working capital

Authority for issue: Director’s resolution and NZX Listing Rule 4.5

TRU Capital Change Notice

Number of securities after issue: Ordinary shares 312,394,825
Unlisted options 10,677,363 TRUOA
Unlisted options 9,000,000 TRUOB

Option terms: TRUOA. Exercisable at 13 cents per share with expiry date of 12 July 2021
Option terms: TRUOB. Exercisable at 15 cents per share with expiry date 27 August 2022

Date of issue: 29 May 2020

For full details see Capital Change Notice attached.