Truscreen Capital Change Notice

Published: 05 January 2021

Truscreen Limited’s NZX Announcement dated 22 December 2020 advised that the Offer under the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) lodged with the NZX on 11 November 2020 closed on 18 December 2020.

Truscreen Limited advises that it has now issued new shares as follows:Class of security: Ordinary Shares (TRU) 28,571,428

Price: The shares were issued for NZD 7 cents per share

Payment: Cash on subscription

Percentage of total class of securities issued: 8.6% (of the total number of ordinary shares before this issue)

Reason for the issue: As outlined in the PDS lodged with NZX on 11 November 2020

Authority for issue: Director’s resolution and NZX Listing Rule 4.5

Number of securities after issue: Ordinary shares 360,966,253

Unlisted options 10,677,363 TRUOA
Unlisted options 9,000,000 TRUOB

Option terms: TRUOA. Exercisable at 13 cents per share with expiry date of 12 July 2021
Option terms: TRUOB. Exercisable at 15 cents per share with expiry date 27 August 2022

Date of issue: 30 December 2020

Truscreen Capital Change Notice.PDF