Research Confirms TruSreeen Suitability in COVID-19 Environment

Published: 24 March 2021

Cervical cancer screening company, TruScreen Group Limited (NZX and ASX:TRU) (Truscreen or Company), is pleased to report that its TruScreen cervical cancer screening device continues to gain recognition around the world.

The WHO strategy names the measurable global targets to prevent and treat cervical cancer: 90–70–90 by 2030: 90% of girls fully vaccinated with HPV vaccine by 15 years of age; 70% of women screened using a high‐performance test by age 35, and again by age 45; 90% of women identified with preinvasive and invasive cervical cancer effectively managed1. These ambitious goals require innovative technologies.

Covid-19 pandemic added further threat to health systems around the world: e.g., severe hospital capacity constraints, issues with infection control and the under-diagnosis of cancer.

Researchers in China explored the impact of using TruScreen cervical cancer screening device in the absence of colposcopy and PAP facilities and commented on the limitations of HPV testing and colposcopy under Covid-19 conditions2.

In a Covid-19 affected hospital and healthcare facilities:
• laboratory infrastructure can be overwhelmed due to refocusing on Covid-19 and not on HPV testing.
• cervical cancer screening may need to be isolated from other clinics/hospital infrastructure, as patients with cancer are more vulnerable to Covid-19 infection.
• Medical resources are overwhelmed and redirected as HPV testing and colposcopy have to be conducted by qualified professionals.
• HPV testing and colposcopy expose women and the healthcare professionals to a greater likelihood of Covid-19 infection as the examination increases doctor/patient interaction time than a TruScreen examination.

In contrast, TruScreen device:
• is portable and reduces the time for doctor/patient interaction, reducing the risk of Covid infection for women and healthcare professionals.
• does not burden the existing healthcare infrastructure and can be set up outside of hospital and clinical facilities.
• is easy to train on and does not require doctors to perform the examination.
• there is no handling and collection of tissue samples, reducing the infection risks and costs.
• is a valid method for screening of women who are HPV positive especially in regions where cytology and colposcopy are not readily available.

Researchers concluded that TruScreen cervical cancer screening system is a non-invasive screening method, that can be used to identify cervical lesions quickly and is especially suitable as a triage tool for HR-HPV-positive women facing Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) exposure and infection risks in the hospital setting.


Research Confirms TRU Device Suitable For Use In A COVID 19 Environment.PDF

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