Executive Team

TruScreen’s Executive Team offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the business, including sales and marketing, commerce, medicine, science and research and development.

Martin Dillon

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Martin Dillon’s particular expertise is in sales and marketing of women’s health products. More importantly, Mr. Dillon was previously responsible for the development of TruScreen’s initial commercialisation and global roll-out of the distribution network.
As a previous Chair of the TruScreen Operations Committee, Mr. Dillon has a good working knowledge of the production of the product and its development and registration processes. He knows and has a working relationship with other TruScreen specialists mentioned below, and key contacts in the target markets, particularly China and Korea.
Mr. Dillon studied Law at Sydney University and has held honorary roles for the Australian Defence Department, the Australian Olympic Committee and Surf Life Saving.

Dr. Jerry Tan

General Manager – International Business Development

Dr. Jerry Tan holds degrees Commerce and Medicine and is a qualified Gynaecologist from China. He is fluent in English and Mandarin.
Dr. Tan has extensive knowledge of the TruScreen product and has been involved in establishing the market in China, including, identification of distributors, product registration, market evaluation, and the conduct of clinical trials.
In addition to his overall role as General Manager Commercial, Dr. Tan heads up the TruScreen operations in East Asia including China, the Philippines and South Korea.

Paul Curran

General Manager Operations - Product Quality Assurance, Licensing and Accreditation

Mr. Paul Curran has a Bachelor of Science, specialising in all areas of Medical Device Licensing, including Quality Assurance for New Product Development, Technical File development and audit and Risk Assessment.
He is an expert in the fields of Healthcare Compliance and the control of manufacturing, including subcontractors, for the delivery of a quality assured product on time.
Mr. Curran has been involved with the TruScreen product for many years and is responsible for manufacturing, research and development, registrations and quality assurance.

Dr. Graham Pulford, PhD

Senior Algorithm Engineer

Dr Graham Pulford has over 25 years’ experience in statistical signal processing algorithm development for a variety of systems in biology and defence science. Having worked in Australia, France and the United Kingdom, he has achieved international recognition for his research in estimation, filtering theory and data association, which underpin many modern machine learning techniques.
Author of over 20 papers in refereed journals and holder of 3 patents, he has developed innovative techniques for modelling neurological ion channels and human muscles, as well as detection and tracking algorithms for the Jindalee over-the-horizon radar and the Collins class submarine sonar system. Dr Pulford holds degrees in electrical engineering and applied mathematics from UNSW, and a Ph.D. from the Australian National University. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE.
His expertise in algorithm and software development have been key in the continual development and refinement of the TruScreen algorithm.

Julia Follett

Manager – Marketing and Corporate

Ms Julia Follett has a Bachelor of Business, specialising in International Business, Employment Relations and Cross Cultural Communications.
Ms Follett has been working within the Marketing and Communications sector for over 5 years in several areas of the industry – working within publishers, agencies and clients to bring to life communications, design and advertising to best promote a wide range of products.
Ms Follett is responsible for the marketing and communication of the TruScreen device.
Ms Follett also assists in all matters of corporate administration.