TruScreen’s development began in the late 1980s under the guidance of leading medical academics from Sydney University.

TruScreen cervical screening

Professor Coppleson, an international leader in colposcopy and cervical cancer, sought to establish objective technology that could improve on the conventional Pap test, which has limitations in population based screening due to its subjective nature and its need of laboratory facilities and qualified personnel. Dr. Reid believed that it should be possible to distinguish between normal and abnormal tissue by measuring changes in physical properties, such as electrical potential.

After almost 20 years of intensive R&D, the TruScreen ‘Opto Electrical’ Technology for the detection of cancerous cells is now being made commercially available to global markets. As the TruScreen technology is at the forefront of the development of objective opto-electric tissue differentiation it enjoys significant patent protection which is of great interest throughout the globe.

Following the restructuring of the business, TruScreen Pty Ltd, a subsidiary company of TruScreen Ltd (NZ), was formed in October 2013 to hold all TruScreen assets, including IP, and to act as the operations heart of the TruScreen business. The board and executive team combine experience and commercial ideas and strategies which we believe are both essential to and sufficient for the success of TruScreen globally.