TruScreen Share Placement September 2018

Published: 06 September 2018

TruScreen Share Placement


TruScreen Limited advises that it has issued new shares as follows:

Class of Security: Ordinary Shares (TRU)

Number issued: 7,142,856 ordinary shares at NZD 21 cents each fully paid

Payment: Cash on subscription

Percentage of total Class of Securities issued: 3.4% (of the total number of ordinary shares on issue post completion of the issue)

Reason for the issue:
• Expand commercial growth in China, Africa, India and Latin America;
• Fund clinical and familiarisation trials as required for product improvement and acceptance in government programs;
• Expand manufacturing facilities and supply capabilities;
• Build-up inventory; and
• Continued product refinement.

Authority of issue Director’s Resolution and NZAX Listing Rule 7.3.5

Terms of issue: The new shares are credited as fully paid, and rank in all respects equally with the shares already on issue

Total number of securities of the Class in existence after the issue: 209,345,477

Date of issue: 6 September, 2018


Martin Dillon
Chief Executive Officer

Share Placement Plan. PDF

Directors Resolution And Certificate. PDF